Relaunch logo Relaunch

Open-source lookalike of nocash’s Unlaunch.dsi

Basic Setup

  1. Get some .nds homebrew. (You can get some here)
  2. Start Relaunch and hold A and B.
  3. Head to Options and choose your hotkey apps.
  4. Start Relaunch again and hold the button corresponding to the app you want to launch.

Advanced Usage

  • You can edit the Relaunch.ini file and set custom paths, names, and file extensions for your files, you can also do this in the Relaunch menu.
  • Hold A + B on boot in order to open the menu.
  • There are prebuilt nightlies of Relaunch avaliable on Universal-Team/extras

Download Relaunch

The latest version is: latest


Preview image


  • Flame: The main developer of Relaunch
  • Epicpkmn11: Implementing tons of minor and some major additions I couldn't get to work .-.
  • nocash: Creating Unlaunch, which this app is inspired by.
  • RocketRobz: Creating GodMode9i, the base of the Relaunch Menu.