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Work in progress Animal Crossing: New Leaf save manager & editor for the Nintendo 3DS!

LeafEdit is a work in progress Animal Crossing: New Leaf & Wild World save manager and editor for the Nintendo 3DS!

Features include:

  • Edit player appearance such as Hairstyle, Haircolor, Facetype, Tan, and more
  • Edit player bank, wallet, islandmedals and meow coupons
  • Edit the Items from your Pocket, Dresser, Islandbox, and Storage
  • Edit the Pattern from the Players
  • Edit your existing Villagers
  • Edit the Town Map, Acres & Townflag
  • See this feature list for more details


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Main Developers



  • Cuyler36, Slattz, NLTK, ACSE: For the acres, face, hair, items and villagers sprites which are available here
  • devkitPro: For devkitARM, Citro2D, Citro3D and Libctru
  • FlagBrew/piepie62: For helping out by problems and PKSM-Core’s Save Structure inspiration, LeafEdit’s Core Structure is very similar to the one from PKSM-Core
  • Flame: The name idea of LeafEdit
  • Kodtiz3D: For the icon and the banner
  • LeafEdit-Core: The save editing code comes from here. Credits to all the contributors from LeafEdit-Core
  • Pk11: For being a big help
  • RedShyGuy: For some useful AC:NL offsets for the core
  • TotallyNotGuy: For the amazing graphic work!
  • Universal-Updater: Download code being ported from this app