Notice: Universal-Manager is no longer being updated.

We recommend using Universal-Updater instead for updating.

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Multimedia tool for Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Universal-Manager is a Multimedia Tool for the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.
Currently the Nintendo 3DS Version is the most complete one, it has a lot of features!

Example Features are:

  • Listening to music with Universal-Manager's music player!
  • View images up to 1024x576 pixels with Universal-Manager's image viewer!
  • Customize the colors from the bars to the BG's and much more in the settings!
  • Transfer files wirelessly via Universal-Manager's FTP server!
  • Update homebrew and apps like TWiLight Menu++ or nds-bootstrap or even download Pokémon Chest!

There is much more to discover in Universal-Manager! ;P


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Main Developers

  • Epicpkmn11: Helped me a lot with problems or mistakes.
  • StackZ: Main developer of Universal-Manager and previously Universal-Updater.
  • Universal-Team: Without the whole Team, we probably couldn't do such a great application like Universal-Manager with the graphics and such.