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What's UniStore?

UniStore is an app store integrated in Universal-Updater.
With it people can host stores so other people can use them.
Stores are useful because you can scroll through it and find maybe something useful for you.

How to use UniStore?

To use UniStore, you need at least the current latest Nightly version of Universal-Updater.
Then you will see a button called "UniStore". Basically with that you access the Screen.
You will be redirected to the SubMenu then.


Preview image

Testing out the Store Search GitHub function!

There are a few stores with this functionality available.

  • Owner & Repo: SuperSaiyajinStackZ/Stack-Store, Filename: Stack-Store.unistore
  • Owner & Repo: FlameKat53/storefront, Filename: storefront.unistore
  • Owner & Repo: RocketRobz/Rocket-Store, Filename: Rocket-Store.unistore

Making your own store is very easy

  1. Create a folder called unistore inside your repo
  2. Include a .unistore file there